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Surgery for Pituitary Tumors

Pituitary Tumors - Surgery for tumors arising from the pituitary gland .
the pituitary gland lies at the base of the brain in a small bony impression called as the sella. The pituitary gland is responsible for the overall control of hormones regulating the various bodily functions ( thyroid, adrenals, gonads-ovaries & testes). Tumors arising from the pituitary gland can present with hormonal disturbances, eyesight problems (reduction in visual field)and other non-specific problems like headaches or giddiness. All these problems can arise slowly or may manifest suddenly due to bleeding inside the pituitary gland( pituitary apoplexy).
Surgery is needed for tumors which are not responsive to medications or if the tumor is causing pressure on the optic nerves giving rise to visual problems.
Surgery for pituitary adenomas is most commonly performed through the nostril with an endoscope or microscope. Patients need hospital stay for 4-5 days approximately. close monitoring of hormones is required in the post operative period.
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